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The 1 1/4" HS2 SU Carb

8th of November, 2019

The HS2 is one of the most commonly available SU carbs, found in single carburettor form on the Morris Minor 1000 and often the Austin A35. It is also found in twin carb configuration on the MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite.

Identification: The HS2 has a 1 1/4" bore, front flange with two horizontal threaded holes, and manifold mounting holes are unthreaded and positioned vertically above and below the bore.

They are almost identical to the HS4 and HS6, which are larger versions of this SU Carb. The bellhousing diameter is the same diameter as some earlier smaller carburettors.

When found in twin carb configuration, one carb is "left handed" having the float bowl on the other side, usually configured with both float bowls on the outside. Some more compact setups have both float bowls on the inside, between the two carburettors.

The piston top is usually black plastic, but is often replaced with a brass equivalent. Many twin carb configurations had a metal heatshield to protect the carbs from exhaust heat.

The HS2 has one significant difference to the other HS style carbs, in that it has s fixed needle. HS4 and HS6 carbs often had sprung needles instead, which makes alignment of the needle in the jet a bit easier.

They are easily sourced second hand, often for £10 or less for the single carb type. Twin carbs complete with manifold cost more.

Photos of HS2 SU Carb

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