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The 1 3/4" HS6 SU Carb

7th of November, 2019

The HS6 is the same design as the HS2 and HS4 SU carbs, this one being 1 3/4" size. It was used on some bigger capacity Minis, and on the Triumph Dolomite Sprint in a twin carb layout. There are some HS6 triple carb configurations aswell.

Identification: The HS6 has a 1 3/4" bore, front flange sometimes has 2 threaded bolt holes like the HS2 and HS4, but is more often found with a distinctive inverted triangle shaped flange with three mounting holes.

The rear flange is usually of the square 4 bolt type but the HS4 style diagonal bolt holes.

The bellhousing diameter is the same diameter as the HS4 carb, although the piston is different depending on the carb bore.

For some cars such as the Triumph Dolomite Sprint, there is a rarer HS6 type with a slightly shorter bellhousing, to provide extra bonnet clearance. These are harder to find, and the bellhousing, piston, and damper are all shorter and not compatible with the normal version of the HS6.

I believe the shorter versions were only found in twin carb arrangements. They can be handy sometimes for kit cars and other modified engine situations.

Photos of HS6 SU Carb

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