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The AEC Auxiliary Enrichment Carburettor for SU Carbs

6th of November, 2019

The AEC or Auxiliary Enrichment Carburettor is a small solenoid controlled carburetor, which is activated electronically when the engine is cold. It does not have its own float bowl, and has to piggy back off an HD SU carburettor float bowl. The solenoid opens a plunger which allows the AEC to receive airflow.

The output tube of the AEC is usually attached to the inlet manifold via a rubber hose. The AEC has a mixture adjustment and a needle not unlike a standard SU Carburettor. These were only fitted to more premium vehicles, on a pair or triple set of HD SU Carbs.

Not to be confused with the AED which is a much larger and more complex device with its own separate float bowl mechanism.

Photos of AEC Auxiliary Enrichment Carburettor

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